Welcome to Ador Composite Ltd.

Ador Composite Ltd. 1No, C & B Bazar,Gilarchala, Sreepur, Gazipur is one of the best export-oriented knit readymade garment factories in Bangladesh. We are specialized in Polo shirts, T-shirts, Jacket, Basic Shirt, Trousers, Boxer, panty, kids’ & babies’ items etc. The factories are designed with modern machinery to meet the market demand. We strictly maintain health & safety systems and all other labor issues as per Bangladesh labor Act -2006, BLR-2015 and other local law, ILO provisions. Our factory is 100% socially compliant. We have got a committed and skilled team of production and fully pledged commercial, marketing, merchandising, sourcing and office management to produce & supply good quality garments at a reasonable cost within specific time for the satisfaction for our customer through professional excellence by skilled management.


Ador Composite Ltd. has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled management team, workforce, integrated & sophisticated technologies in order to become globally competitive.


Moreover, having endless efforts to ensure internationally accepted employment practice, our clients recognize us as a partner to protect their value, system and image among end users.


Company at a Glance:


Name of the Facility : Ador Composite Ltd.
Facility Address : 1, C & B Bazar,Gilarchala, Sreepur, Gazipur           
Zip Code :

Factory Location:            


On Dhaka- Mymensingh Highway -43 KM North of Dhaka.

Factory Owner :

Md. Moshiur Rahman(Barrister at Law)
Managing Director
Md. Palak Rahman
Ador Composite Ltd.
Contact-+88-01713016976 E-mail:palak@adorcomposite.com



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