Ador composite Ltd. is committed to ensure all activities through documented quality management system (QMS) complying the requirement of ISO 9001 in every phase of manufacturing and Quality assurance.
Ador Composite Ltd. undertakes appropriate review, evaluations and performance measurement of its operation to ensure compliance with quality policy and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.
THE SAME OF Ador Composite Ltd QUALITY:
Ador Composite Ltd stands for ceaseless efforts. The philosophy of never standing still, never slowing down, never stops thinking and never compromising with quality has made Ador Composite Ltd the most progressive and dynamic business leader in the country. Ador Composite Ltd believes in using advanced technology to cope with the changing world. Innovation and diversification are its major strengths.

Ador composite Ltd. believes in sustainable development and gives highest priority to preservation of nature and ecological balance. The entire industry sites are harmoniously integrated with the surrounding landscape and the native ecosystem of the area has been delicately preserved.

Ador composite Ltd. is an organization with equal prominence on leadership, technology, quality and passion. Ador composite Ltd. looks at the future with increasing confidence. In due course of time Ador composite Ltd. intends not only to strengthen its strong local footing but also extend its international presence. Ador composite Ltd. is all set to repeat its local success in the global market.

Our worth’s:
      • Pursuit for excellence
      • Cope up with modern technology
      • Customer satisfaction
      • Committed to save our environment
      • Produce world class human resource
      • Be transparent in every step
Occu Health & Safety:

We have a modern equipped medical centre, where a couple doctor and adequate number of medical assistants are working. Employees can get quality treatment from medical centre and support of medicine which is free of cost. Ador Composite Ltd arranges various training programs on health and safety issue with the planned schedule throughout the year.
Code of Conduct:
  • There is no child labor in the factory.
  • There is no forced labor.
  • All necessary measures are ensured for hazard free, safe working places.
  • Workers have all the right to form any kind of committee or Union as per prevailing law of state.
  • There is no discrimination in employment on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion or        social or ethnic origin.
  • Procedures are ensured as per labor law and followed in consistent with avoidance of abusive practices.
  • Standard working hours are ensured in accordance with law.
  • Salaries are paid in strict compliance of the law.
  • The factory complies with all applicable local environmental, safety and health regulations.
  • The factory complies with all related current legalization in the different applicable areas.
  • The use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal abuse are forbidden.
Workers Benefit:
Workers can avail all kinds of leave, such as medical leave, earned leave, casual leave and maternity leave with pay.
• Dormitory facility to workers for free.
• Transportation facility to workers for free.
• Meal provided to all workers for free.
• Free medical facilities for all employees.
• Medical facilities to workers & their family.
• Provide earn leave encashment.
• Arrange Annual Cultural Programme for workers refreshment.
• Ladies club for family those who are staying inside factory premises.
• Ensure Life Insurance for all employees from the date of Joining.
• In any accidental or death case, we ensure proper medical treatment for the patient and arrangement for the dead
  body (Post mortem, sending the dead body to home and burial expenditure bear by company).
• Air conditioned workplace and dining hall.
• Prayer room for male and female workers separately in factory and dormitory.
• Recreation room with TV (Dish connection) and other indoor game facilities.
• Arrange counseling program regularly for workers